Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

People are afraid of a question frequently asked: Is it possible for AI to revolt against humanity? Will humanity survive the revolt by AI?

Such questions are asked by those who have involved themselves in Terminator starred by Arnold Schwarzegger too deeply. Ultimately AI was a myth at the time the first chapter of Terminator was released.

We should definitely not take the movie very seriously as it was just for entertainment purpose. 

AI has progressed very rapidly over the time of just about 20 years. Using AI for Big data, autonomous vehicles, and medical research are just the tip of the iceberg. 

You can go even deeper into the subject by understanding crucial concepts like machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks. Do not take AI and machine as two different subjects as machine learning is basically a part of AI, with the two other concepts as subsets of AI.

AI has a wider use in just about any field, including Marketing for sure. Many companies are readily adopting techological solutions encouraging operational efficiency which in turn also improves user experience. With all the platforms available, marketers gain a variation of tools to target a wide range of audiences. This will in turn help them in driving conversions more easily and efficiently.

AI marketing also makes decisions that are based on the data collected automatically through technologies using artificial intelligence. Data collection, data analysis, and economic trends also simplifies the marketing process. Marketing teams can achieve maximum efficiency without intervention from their side with the help of AI which uses details such as customer profile to communicate closely with them.

Machine Learning

Almost all of us have interacted with AI in our daily lives. This might have happened when you were using Gmail and you chose to filter your e-mails automatically, or maybe when you used Siri or Cortana to find something near you. Even vehicles are packed with all kinds of features including AI in some.

These softwares have a small defect in them though. Which is, they cannot think for themselves. Which is where machine learning comes into effect. Machine learning provides these softwares with the ability to remember some patterns that may make it autonomous for the future work.

Deep Learning

With the help of Machine Learning, machines and softwares can only remember some patterns. But what if you want your machine to remember more than just that? 

With the help general-purpose learning algorithms focusing on learning more than just one task.

Neural Networks

Neural networks are actually developed on the basis of neurons or brain calls. Ultimately, these are jsut like what we learned from our own biology. Neural networks use computer science and mathemical principles to mimic the human brain process for a more detailed learning.

Machines getting Better

With all the 3 AI concepts viz; Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks; machines can not just learn but they can also ‘think’. This is how Artificial Intelligence will become the future of Marketing.

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

A few of the many uses of AI in marketing:

Chatbots – Marketers use chatbots to convert potential customers at the right time and in the right place. For example, if you visit some website, there can be a chance there is some message notification you receive asking whether ‘Do you need any help?’. This is the chatbot playing its part on the website.

Automatic Bidding – Google Ads has already helped many new comers in optimizing their ad campaigns by automatically adjusting their bids to bring more conversions for their business.

Autocorrection messaging – If you’re not really that good with your grammar or maybe even spelling, you can always try using this feature that is readily available over all platforms from your smartphone to your laptop/desktop.

Predictive Marketing – Amazon uses predictive analytics to suggest their returning customers of items that they might like and want to buy.

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